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My baby currently 3 months 1 week, he only drinks 120ml, sometimes lesser than this for every 3 hours. Is it consider bad? How about nite time? Should i force him to finish his milk?

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Every baby is different and each has his/her own stomach capacity despite being of the same age. My 3 month old baby can only drink a maximum of 100ml if he’s really hungry. 80% of the time he can only drink 90ml, 10% of the time, 70ml or lesser, (every 2-3 hours). I tried giving 120ml when he’s famished but the most he could drink was 100ml. In 24 hours he can only drink 600ml odd. As long as your baby is urinating regularly (regular diaper change) and doesn’t cry out of norm, he’s fine 😌 I’ve had the same concern as I thought my baby wasn’t drinking as much as he should in a day. Checked with KKH UPAL (online paediatrician), was assured that every baby is different. Some are good drinkers, while others are developing.

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Mine LO 120 can't finish sometimes. I make it 90-100ml but 2 hourly and he finish. I didn't force my child especially when my child sleeping. He 6hours no intake milk until he wake up for milk

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Same as my baby. She tend to drink lesser and lesser, so worried but I tried my best to feed her frequently although at a small amount


That’s fine, babies will cry for milk if they are hungry. Don’t force feed as it’ll cause vomiting and choking.

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Please don’t force feed your baby. Every child is unique and as long as your baby is growing well, it’s alright


Different baby have different intake. As long as they pee and s*** regularly.

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It's fine as long as there's weight gain and diaper output

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Never force feed. Some babies drink lesser than the other.