first food for baby with allergy/eczema

Hi, baby coming 6mths, gonna start her first food. I'm thinking what to get, shes currently on soy formula milk due to allergy (which we do not know what are the exact allergens), but definitely cow's milk allergy. Any advise on first food?

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Super Mum

Common first foods are cereal, fruit or vegetable puree. You don't really have to avoid anything, but when you try a new food just take a small amount first and only introduce new food every 2-3 days to check for reaction. Also it's recommended to start introducing peanuts early and consistently to reduce risk of peanut allergy in the future (start with a tiny amount first!)

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Super Mum

You may want to consider doing a skin prick test to find out the exact allergens. Try to avoid wheat and gluten. Perhaps try some mashed bananas or puréed pumpkin.

Apple, banana, carrot, potato, etc. But only 1 type of food each time so you can establish what causes her allergy if it happens.

Super Mum

Try fruit/vegetable purees first:) low risk of allergies

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Apple or rice cereal shld be fine.

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Pumpkin, apple

Try fruits