Sharing Of Baby's First Food!

This is the first food I gave to my baby. I started when she's 5 month old. I started with 1 scoop added to her breastmilk each feed. After 1 week I replace her 1 milk feed with cereal. My baby intake is quite big. She starts with 5 scoop of rice cereal to 3 oz of breastmilk (you can add hot water instead too). Just sharing my baby food hope it will helps!

Sharing Of Baby's First Food!
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FYI although this is truly convenient, just add water and stir, this is still processed food. Try giving more freshly made food, especially in a home setting. I made the mistake of giving processed food like this too early on and my elder boy became quite picky with his food when we moved on to fresh food. I started my #2 off with freshly cooked food and he became a much better eater. Get a steamer/blender machine and start off with things like steamed and blended rice, pumpkin etc. There are many weaning recipes out there to explore!

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4y ago

Hi mummy I'm currently cooking daily for my baby.

Wah its good that ur baby ve such huge appetite. Mine now 6.5months only can eat 3 scoops of rice cereal. Milk intake only 140ml per feeding, sometimes 120ml

2y ago

same like my LO..😆small appetite

You may also try this. Mix it with earths best fruits and vegetable. Starting at 4 mos.

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3y ago

where to buy this?

Thanks for sharing ! Which type of bottle teat u using ?

4y ago

Ok thanks

You put inside your LO milk or feed your child with spoon?

4y ago

Ic thanks for sharing with me!

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Thanks for sharing! I started with apple puree:)

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I started with Heinz those small bottle purées.

4y ago

I didn't give those cos I realize the expiry date is quite a while I am afraid they might add preservative in it.

Thanks for sharing..Sure a convenient option

Thank you for sharing this mum :)

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This is good. I started with this too.