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Are baby carriers necessary? Which brand is good and also affordable price? Anyone using the Konny baby carrier? Is it good?

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Really depends on individual babies. My #1 prefers carrier over stroller. Everytime I babywear her, confirm sleep. #2, she doesn’t really like to be put in the carrier unless she is already sleepy. I’ve been using tula since #1. Don’t really like Konny. Maybe my kids are bigger and heavier, so I find konny support not as good as tula. Tula is more expensive though. But there’s a promo on SuperMom website now. Price is really quite attractive. Some is around the price of a secondhand one on carousell, and they are offering free delivery now. You might wanna take a look ◡̈

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Using konny! Been using it since he was a newborn. My boy is 2mths+ now and i find it easy to put him in and out esp when i am out and about alone, as i dont need to fuss around with the buckles etc. However, as he is very curious now and loves to look around, he doesnt like his head to be supported/covered by the cloth so for now i have to ise my hand to support until his neck is strong enough. Otherwise, i would still recc it

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2y ago

Most welcome.


I'm using konny since my girl nb it's super good! When she's about 6 months old I got another carrier which is tula. If I'm bringing her out with pram I'll use konny in my bag incase she wants to be carried. Konny is so small and easy to use comparing to tula. Tula is not bad for long hours of carrying. My baby is quite a huge baby when she's 7 month old using konny for more than 3 hour my back hurts.

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I read this article because I found it interesting, but the reference of the porting that show me charm, investigate more of this brand and do not think about it anymore, because it is not only beautiful, but also ergonomic, stain remover and is cotton.

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If you're the type who is on the go and don't wanna be burdened with a bulky stroller, then carrier is the best! I love faster, get a lot more things done with baby in carrier. Plus, don't have to wait forever for the lift because sometimes people don't care if you're struggling with a baby in a stroller.

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Yes, most babies love being carried and baby carriers can help you support their weight as they grow. You can try Ergobaby. Konny baby carrier is good but you need to get the correct size and buy the summer mesh version for Singapore’s weather.

Im using konny baby carrier and my 1mo baby instantly sleeps in it. Bought mine from carousell though. But the cons for konny is that it comes in sizes and when baby outgrow, you have to get a bigger size. It’s not a one size fits all

9mo ago

Actually, the Konny is meant to follow mummy's tshirt size. So if you're a size S, that's what you wear. Over time, the Kony stretches as your baby grows.

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Yup baby carrier is one of our top necessities..unless u dun mind carrying 6-7kg with ur arms for hoursss 😂😂 konny i feel its good for newborns.. but as the child grows i prefer buckle carriers instead like tula or soul


I use a Konny and my husband used a Tula. been using since baby is 1 mth old and she still prefers carriers over stroller even now at 14 mths old

Loving my Konny because it fits into the diaper bag in case baby is fussing in the stroller. She's about 7kg now and still comfortable in it.