How many ml formula to give newborn

If your baby if formula fed, how much do they drink for 3 weeks - 1 month old ? My baby boy is taking 60ml every 2-3 hours, but sometimes after feed, he will still be hungry and show hungry cues, should i try increase? Or feed him again like 20ml or so. But everytime after feed, even after burp, he would spit out some milk. So idk if i should still increase or decrease instead #FTM

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Yes, go by baby’s cue. The suggestion printed on the tin is a guideline, I make sure that my baby drinks the minimum amount suggested and increase according to her needs. My baby is 6 mths old now and the milk spitting has significantly decreased, even if I don’t burp her. I wouldn’t worry if it’s not vomiting.

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can follow cues and increase. After feed spit out could be burp too soon. After feed, let baby relax a while then burp. about 1-2 mins side lying will do.

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i tried various FM & followed as stated +/- 1 or 2 bottles is fine for me