Baby drinking less at night

Hi mummies, My baby is around 5 weeks old. I’m exclusively pumping. I feed her every 3-4 hours and she usually drinks 120ml per feed on schedule. At night this 2 days, she drinks only 50ml-80ml and rejects the bottle no matter how hard I try. It seems she just wants to go back to sleep. I tried offering my breast directly but itshe rejected too. One thing I noticed is when I feed on schedule, she can’t seem to finish the bottle. When I feed on demand, she can. But I’m worried feeding on demand is too long a span from her last feed as it usually exceeds 4 hours. Is this normal? I’m just worried she’s drinking too little per day. She doesn’t appear to be irritated, still smiling and active most of the time.

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NB usually sleeps most of the time and will only wake up for a feed. 120ml per feed is alot (my LO used to feed 60ml only per feed and wakes up every 2 hrs) & that probably makes her feel too full before she wakes up in 4 hrs time. Also means she's well hydrated and will only wake up when it's time for her to feed. So follow her cue.

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