very long time gap between fees

Hi my baby is 4.5 months old he is only on breastfeeding.before I used to feed him every 2 hrs his weight gain n activity everything good.but for past few days he didn't take feed for atleast 4 to 5 hrs. Very long time interval between night same 5 hrs gap.if I force him for feed he is crying very loudly n turning his face i can't force him much, plus advice is it normal

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Super Mum

Older babies generally can go for longer without feeding. They can suck milk more efficiently as well so can drink more in a shorter time latching. If he doesn't seem hungry there's no need to force him, and actually being able to sleep longer at night without waking up for milk is a very good sign!

Super Mum

It’s ok. You can follow your baby’s hunger cues and don’t force feed him. He could be going through a leap/milk strike.