My baby girl is approach 4 months old and recently she doesn't want to drink milk. Every time when we feed her, she will use her hands to brush off, turn her head away or use her tongue to push the teat out. Her daily milk intake is about 500ml only, sometimes never even hit 400ml. I'm getting worried. Is that normal? Should I bring her to see a PD?

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It happened to my little girl during some periods of the time. I won't get too concerned if you lo is getting enough wet diapers and no sign of dehydration. It took her about a week or two to have her appetite back and she drank even more than before.

Same as my baby. He is 3 months old now. After the 5 in 1 jab, his milk intake is drop...I think his daily milk intake is around 400ml only. Tried to change milk bottle but no use too. I think have to wait for few days and see how...

my girl recently have tis problem also I change the teats it seem better.. maybe it a phase only..maybe it due to teething.. I take abt a week for her to back to normal

You may monitor first for a week, maybe due to hers is teething. If she grow well should not be a problem. If you really worried, bring her to see PD.

You can try change the milk bottle pacifier. Some time baby cause of the pacifier they don't want to drink the milk. Hope this can help you.

It happened to my baby too. I changed the teats and she's back to normal.. So you might wanna try changing the teats?

my younger son also the same n already 5 yr olds n sometime dun even wan eat ... but so far he is still healthy

happened to mine too. I latched her on and she drinks. ever since then she refuses the bottle. *headache* haha