1 Month Vs 100 Days

Baby 1 month vs 100 days celebration? ??‍♀️ What are your thoughts?

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it depend on one's belief and culture. i went for when im comfortable to meet a large crowd with my newborn instead. it's lot of effort to put in for one day esp after giving birth! so we did ours like uh at 38th day i think after i have recovered and feel ready enough to entertain the crowds haha

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I didn’t do any for both, not really important as baby still young won’t remember anything. If your relatives or friends really interested or love your baby, they will visit you and baby anytime.. no need to wait till got celebration.

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In both instances, the baby doesn't know what's going on and won't remember either. So do whatever makes you happy:) and whenever you feel you have the energy to plan the celebration.

Depends on you. 1 mth i feel too stress on me because haven’t yet get used to caring for a baby and still got to plan for a celebration. Give yourself some time.

Celebrated 1 month. The night my LO quite cranky all that. Scared due to alot of ppl carried around, I having hard time to take care. Advise 100days!

I did one month for both my kids . But third child never do any because she's pre matured . Didn't want many people to disturb her growth .

If given a chance to choose again, I’d go for 100 days. More time for myself and husband to recover and baby can last longer before naps.

If you want to follow tradition, stick to first month If not, 100 days is better cuz the mummy would have recovered properly by then

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100 days so you have more time for recovery and preparation. But I didn’t do it anyway, we just joined same EDD 100 days baby bash

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Up to your choices but I'm celebrating 100days as I feel baby immune system is stronger and all compare to first month