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At what age should we start them on potty training?

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My son started around 9months. My mum was his primary caregiver as I was working then. She is really hardworking and will bring him to the potty regularly. So he was off diapers really early. He is also the quiet type and gets into routine easily. For my Ger, I started at her 18months. I am a stay at home mum now. Didn't have the time and energy to train her early :( she is also very active and tends to forget to go potty when she was playing. But now at 3 years old she is potty trained but still wear diapers for bedtime. So I guess it really depends on individual mums and also your LO's character.

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The age of 2 is a good age to start. However, do take note if your child is ready with these signs: - When they are able to let you know when they want to pee or poo - It is fairly easy to predict their timings - There have not been major events happening recently (divorce, moving house, changing schools etc)

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1 or 2 years old - just make sure they feel comfortable about sitting on a potty. With my firstborn, we forced her to sit on the potty and she was traumatized after that and didn't want to sit on it for forever. We were only able to full potty train her when she turned 3 years old.

I started potty training when my daughter started sitting without a support and that was probably in her second year. So, ideally when the kid is able to sit on her own, one should start making her sit in her pot seat and gradually the child would know that she has to poop there.

I started potty training my boy when he was around 2 years old. If your child does not want to wear diaper anymore or ask to sit on the potty it is time to start, but relax and let your child lead the way.

I feel it's around 2 years but it really depends on whether the child is ready . My eldest did it before 2 but my elder girl could only do it successfully at age 4

I started mine at 18 months. Some start earlier and some later. Usually good for them to be potty trained before they get to preschool at 2 yrs or so.

i started around 20 to 24 mth. when LO can sit and listens to simple instruction. Every child is different. Try when yrs is ready. dun force :)

1or2 years old but my 2year old is so scared to go on the potty what can I do that he don't feel scared