Potty Training.

Our baby is 6 Months old. Our in law has said we need to carry baby in our hands for potty Training to poo herself instead of lying down on bed to poo. Is it too early to get our baby to start potty Training ? What's the recommended Age for Baby to start potty Training?

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I think it also depends on the child itself. My baby is 6 months old but she doesn't sit down and poo since 2 months old. She wants to sit down to poo. Even in infant care, if the teachers put her lying down to poo, she will cry to be carried and placed in a sitting position to poo. Ideal for potty training can start from 18 months onwards or when the child can verbalise his/her needs. It is harder to potty train when the child is unable to verbalise. But each child has his/her own habits to poo, like some prefer to stand, some prefer to sit and even some prefers to lie down and poo. But I think your in law wants you to expose baby to sit down and poo. I do have friends whereby their baby is potty trained to poo only in potty by the time their baby is 7 or 8 months old. I think it is all up to the baby.

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Thanks Reese!

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It’s definitely way too early. Bladder needs 3 years to be mature enough. Around 18months child may be able to tell you after he or she pass motion. The guidelines for child to be diaper free will be 3 years old for day time and by 4 will be night trained diaper free

I know of a babysitter who potty trained my few months old nephew pretty well. I think it takes experience to do potty training, regardless of age.

Too early for that - Insanity! Only from 18mths onwards toddlers will show signs of readiness to be toilet trained. Some only by age 3.

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Never heard of this, I'm pretty sure you can't potty train a 6 month old 😅. Only around 2-3 years.

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Thanks Linh!

Hi , I think a bit too early now . Maybe u wanna wait till at least 18 months ?

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Too early to potty train a 6mo.

Maybe wait till 18 months?

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Potty train? After 3 years