Ask the Expert Series: Post 2020 Budget

In line with the 2020 budget being announced last Tuesday, we are having a special Ask the Expert with Ang Hui Chin, Head of Financial Advisory at PolicyPal, where she will be answering your questions all about financial planning and preschool finances. So start asking your questions from now till Friday ?

Ask the Expert Series: Post 2020 Budget
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With a two month old and 4 years old, how costly are medical check up/vaccinations for young children? Does any insurance cover them?

2y ago

Under the National Childhood Immunisation Programme (NCIP), there are a list of compulsory vaccinations which the baby has to go through from birth all the way till they are 18 months old. On top of those, there are another set of recommended vaccinations which are not compulsory but highly encouraged. The cost of vaccination depends on whether they are administered in the polyclinics or private clinics. The diphtheria and measles vaccinations are compulsory by law and are available for free at the local polyclinics while recommended vaccinations are highly subsidized for Singaporean newborn. In Singapore, most of the insurance does not cover the cost of these vaccinations. However, there are international health insurance which might allow one to include coverage for the cost of vaccinations (with a cap) by paying additional premiums.