Ask the Expert: Ideas to keep your kids engage this May holidays

As the May holidays have begun, are you looking for ways to keep the kids busy? ? We got you covered with an Ask the Expert Session, as we have Amutha Saravanan: Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Da Vinci Group and KlayKit®. She will be answering all your questions on ways to keep your kids engage during this May holidays! So start asking those burning questions you have for her ? Topic: Keeping your children engaged amidst this uncertain COVID-19 period Date: Thursday, 14 May 2020 Time: 8.30 to 9.30pm

Ask the Expert: Ideas to keep your kids engage this May holidays
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How do I help the kids build up some tolerance for boredom and coming up with things to do for themselves, without having things programmed for them all the time.

2y ago

Hello there! This appears to be the question of the hour! Lol. How old are your children? Younger children like concrete things, so unfortunately we can expect them to independently come up with ideas, however we can help their ideation process. So think of it as a puzzle for them to put together. Create a game out of the activities. Give them only some information and let them know where to get the rest of the information from. Time the activity and give them rules during it like you can't ask me questions about this for this long and get them excited about completing it themselves. There are many factors here like their attention span, focus and so on, if these have to be extended, it can't be increased over night, so gradually build their resilience towards boredom and most importantly, as parents we shouldn't give into it. :) I have written an article on enhancing focus, you can read about it here: