As I'm a working mom, I sometimes have mother in law sometimes come in and babysit my daughter. Despite creating a daily schedule, she doesn't follow it and does as she pleases. It's infuriating as I have worked so hard to put my baby on a schedule. What can I do?

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Actually, even if you send your child to infant care, they will also follow the baby's cues to a certain extent i.e. they don't force the child to follow a rigid schedule. My baby is 5 months old and she's not on any schedule whatsoever. However, she has no problems sleeping through the night and feeding. I'd suggest either A) relaxing your rules, B) talking to your MIL and showing her why it is important for your daughter to follow your schedule C) sending your child to infantcare. If your mother in law isn't paid to baby sit your child, then there's nothing much you can do to demand that she follows your schedule. Everyone has their own method of raising children. If you're not comfortable with her method, do something before it escalates into a huge argument.

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