Is it important to develop a sleep routine for baby? My 17 month old daughter does not have a routine that we follow. Sometimes she goes to bed as late as 11pm if she took longer naps in the day. However she does get at least 14 hours of sleep throughout the day. Should we start implementing a sleep routine for her?

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Yes it might be good to implement a sleep routine as children thrive on routines. It helps to know what to expect as they go around their day. This helps them settle down faster and easier. It might take some time to get the routine going on a regular basis but just stick on it. This will help her eventually when she starts school too as the school has a strict routine that they follow.

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Yes, it's a lot easier if there's an established sleep routine that your daughter follows. For example, since young, I have enforced a strict routine on my daughter and it has been a lot easier to plan activities around her routine instead of having her falling asleep unexpected outside, or unable to sleep because she just had a nap earlier.

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