Utrogestan and Duphaston

Hi, anyone taking utrogestan and duphaston twice daily? What are the side effects you feel? I feel very sleepy after taking it and can barely walk straight and do anything. I had 2 mc last year and doctor prescribed these meds as support for pregnancy. I'm currently 8 weeks.

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I took duphaston before pregnancy to regulate my menses as I had PCOS and after pregnancy to stabilise pregnancy. No side effects for me before and after. You might want to highlight to and consult your gynae for advice.

Duphaston works well for me. No side effect. I took it since first trimester all the way till 36weeks. However i had poor appetite after taking utrogestan. I told my gynae & she say I can stop taking it.

I am taking them in my first trimester but I feel ok and I’m not sleepy at all but just have constipation. Now I step into T2 and Gynae stopped my medication. In fact I have problem trying to sleep.

Currently taking utrogestan 2 at night. Have been taking for months already. Occasionally sudden onset of sleepiness. But generally nothing else. That's why it has been prescribed for night usage I guess.

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how many months did you take it for? I'm wondering if it's okay to take for prolonged period of time

I have previously taken both + crinone gel as well during my early trimester. No side effect on me at all. You may want to check in with ur Dr on this and see if there is a need to adjust e dose.

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I took both before. Utrogestan makes me very sleepy , so I change to duphaston which has no side effect for me. Both actually have the same function.

I ate duphaston from week 6-9 of my pregnancy. Amplified symptoms of nausea, sore boobs. Now that I'm off it the symptoms have gotten better

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no bad effects, but it makes me walk like turtle, very very slow .. anyway I had bleeding last time, so I try not to move too fast also

Utrogestan kills me literally with all the side effect. Please take duphaston instead!

I only took duphaston and yea, I kinda just kept sleeping throughout the first week...