Utrogestan Side Effects

Hi all, I was prescribed Utrogestan on top of duphaston which I have been taking since I found out I was pregnant. Was told to take utrogestan at night and continue with duphaston in the day till it finishes. I was prescribed both because I previously had a MC. However, taking utrogestan makes me quite uncomfortable. Feel bloated and a little harder to breathe when I take it. Anyone experiences such side effects? Thanks. #1stimemom #advicepls

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I took Utrogestan too and I feel very bloated and nauseating. I will vomit about half an hour after consuming it. I usually take them at night.

I have to take duphaston in the day and utrogestan in the night due to bleeding, both medications make me extremely sleepy.

I took duphaston and utrogestan due to bleeding . I felt uncomfort too , but managed to sleep

my utrogestan is via vaginal too. no bloating and dizziness.

i take utrogestan via vaginal inserting... i feel good hahaha

You need to inform it your doctor. he might change medicine.