Looking for goat milk

Hi, can anyone suggest to me any goat milk’s brand that is good. I mean real good. I am two months pregnant btw. Thank you.

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I drank HiGoat brand... It doesnt have any sugar in it. I auffer from bad gastric and GERD, and while pregnant i suffer from GDM.. This milk helped me alot with my gastric, morning sickness and blood sugar level. U should try it too.. Go to any pharmacy or jamu shop nearby u.or even shopee.

real good goat milk is best when its fresh. but then again u only can drink only drink pressurised milk. maybe u can try frisomum gold. it has dual care and has alot of benefits plus its not sweet. i myself am taking that.

HiGoat! But please avoid goat milk when you at first trimester. You can start consume when you preggy 6months+++. Try to consume HL/Frisomum/Me and Mom or others product at your first trimester 😊

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Bleh tahu knapa ye xboleh minum higoat pd trmster prtma?sbb sy tgh minum skg ni,Ade effect ke nnti?

You also can try Wildan, Lazz or Khalish. But i prefer Wildan taste