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Hi, can anyone suggest me the best stretch mark cream?

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My friend suggested me to use Rosken lotion. She already delivered her baby and she didn't get any stretch marks. She used it from the early of her pregnancy. Why do we need to apply lotion/oil from the beginning is because to make our skin being elastic thus it'll not leave any stretch marks. Goodluck mommies! ❤️

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I use this as for now. Pregnant 5 months now and thank God there is no stretch marks now. Hopefully this cream would help to hide all the marks... But mostly please and do not scratch it if it's feel itchy, just soft rub ia. Coz scratching will leaves the bad looking marks.. Ok.. 😊😊

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4y ago

Yes. Since first trimester till now. Result as for now i did nit see the marks. Hopefully it last till the end and tips do not scratch it. Just rub softly.

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Pakai produk deildaz serum stretchmark sis.. Sy pon pakai tu. Really work it. Untuk pencegahan awal dan stretchmark degil dia hilangkan. Teksture Pon Tak melekit. Boleh search Instagram dworng @deildaz_malaysia

for what i heard, no cream can cure stretch mark. u just can lessen it by avoid direct scratch your abdomen n use some oil or lotion

stretch mark cream ad org ckp kena pakai sebelum kena lg. so dia xde. any stretch mark cream would do.

i used palmers coco butter... good for dry skin n to avoid strech mark..

4y ago

My boss also suggested palmers. She said after gve birth 4 times, no stretch mark at all. She said start using it during 1st trimester.

Petroleum jelly. The cheapest and the best.

This one also good 😄

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3y ago

Yes Sy pun pakai ni dari anak first sampai dah masuk no 5 😘 hubby pun pelik setiap kali deliver baby tgk perut mcm xpernah preggy coz xde kesan2 regangan cuma kena Start dr early pregnancy 🤰🏻 first trimester. Skin nmpk cantik❤️🌹

Pureen Stretch mark

Palmer's Cocoa Butter