Rhesus negative

Hi. Is anyone here same blood type like me? I’m rh negative(O-) just now i just had my 28weeks injection named Rhogam. But the doc did not explain about why i should have this injection and how the injection works actually. I went to gov hospital and there is a lot of people waiting after me so I guess that is why they have no time to advise me anything. ??‍♀️

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rhogam kita beri supaya rhesus negatif ibu x musnahkan janin dlm kandungan sekiranya rhusus janin yg dikandung adalah positif.. amat berbahaya jika janin yg dikandung berbeza rhesus dgn ibu... kerana rhusus dlm bdn ibu akn mnggap janin adalah bnde asing yg prlu disingkirkan

4y ago

yup should be xde.. dont worry mommy