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Anyone's inlaws keep saying about baby's sleeping habits, and what if go to ifc, they cannot sleep..etc? So annoyed w my inlaw as they keep saying that baby cry and needs to be carried. She is only 6 weeks then, even now at 8 weeks, they are still growing isnt it. Just bcos she cannot put baby to sleep and baby keep crying, she decided to put in the cot and pat -.- baby cries even more?! Had to intervene and carry baby and pat her to sleep. Within 1 min and she slept alr cos tired of cryinggg.. Arghhhs just need to rant!!

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hi mummy! i totally understand your frustuation. i had my rough days during confinement and staying with in laws during that period was a difficult. my in laws used to tell me not to carry my baby too much otherwise they will get used to it and they will overfeed my baby whenever she cries because they kept telling me that my baby is hugry, although she had finished one full bottle. just do what you need to do and at the end of the day, you are the mother to your LO. just hang in there and go back home, show them that you are a better. during my confinement, my mil is not bothered to take care of me or my LO but during night time when everyone else is around, then she starts to show concern bcs she didnt want to feel left out. when i came home after that and since then, my baby is alot closer to me bcs im with her everyday. i know what my baby wants and now my mil kept judging saying that my baby is "too attached" with me and it will make things harder. i do the chores and manage the house and my LO just fine babe. your child is your strength so just do what you needed to do. sending lots of hugs and love for you mummy! ❤️

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None of my PIL cares about my baby.. But my family members did raised similar concerns what will happen if my baby go IFC as she was a crying baby when born and always asking to be carried.. I personally felt that my this is more to they worried as compared to your PIL.. What I did was I trained my baby not to be carried when she crying for it two weeks before IFC.. And one week before, to let her sleep without anyone pat and carry her to sleep (she was super spoiled by my hubby and confinement lady back then).. 🤭😅 Thanks God that my baby really “passed all my trainings” and didn’t causes any issue when she in IFC and till date she is still e most easy to take care baby now! (of course at home will bully me now, maybe “revenge”? Hahaha) I would say this is not easy, other ppl and my hubby might think I am too heartless and too strict to a baby, they nv know how many times I have been crying behind during this process but look at it now and I will say this is worth! So just tell your PIL, baby is yours let you do what you feel/think is best.. 😊

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I feel you too as I experienced i too. Staying with in law with the baby was so stressful. I meant baby crying is normal. But from the start, everytime my baby cry, even it is a little bit they will want to carry or pat to make her stop crying. Baby only cry for a min and they say mayb baby is sick ask me bring baby go see doc. Middle of the night baby wake up cry for milk or due to dirty diaper, they ask why baby doesnt want to sleep. *faintz* Its like my baby cannot cry. Once she cry they want her to stop immediately and if not thry would thing something is wrong with her. They think baby crying is abnormal. The worst was when my baby was around 10-11mth then, one day I was putting her to slp, she kept crying because I was trying to train her to sleep on her own, they come and tell me everytime the baby cry so loud, the neighbours upstairs downstairs all can hear. I not pai seh they pai seh. They dont even dare take lift with neighbours. After listening I was so fed up. I immediately packed my bag the next day and bring my baby back to my mums hse to stay.

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1mo ago

Wow! Well done mummy for packing ur bag and go back to ur mum’s place with baby! Sometimes this type of PIL really must show them some “colours”.. We might sound bad, but look! “You don’t give me e respect and you expecting me to respect you?” 🤭😂🤣

your in-laws help put ur baby to sleep at times?? mine dun even bother to help despite living together for years, and yet still makes a thousand comments daily... I just wish I had a universal remote control to mute them 😄

shouldn't be bother by any of their comments as they are really no body 😕

not in laws. but my own mom. baby is just fine in IFC tho. lol. i feel u.