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Anyone's inlaws keep saying about baby's sleeping habits, and what if go to ifc, they cannot sleep..etc? So annoyed w my inlaw as they keep saying that baby cry and needs to be carried. She is only 6 weeks then, even now at 8 weeks, they are still growing isnt it. Just bcos she cannot put baby to sleep and baby keep crying, she decided to put in the cot and pat -.- baby cries even more?! Had to intervene and carry baby and pat her to sleep. Within 1 min and she slept alr cos tired of cryinggg.. Arghhhs just need to rant!!

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hi mummy! i totally understand your frustuation. i had my rough days during confinement and staying with in laws during that period was a difficult. my in laws used to tell me not to carry my baby too much otherwise they will get used to it and they will overfeed my baby whenever she cries because they kept telling me that my baby is hugry, although she had finished one full bottle. just do what you need to do and at the end of the day, you are the mother to your LO. just hang in there and go back home, show them that you are a better. during my confinement, my mil is not bothered to take care of me or my LO but during night time when everyone else is around, then she starts to show concern bcs she didnt want to feel left out. when i came home after that and since then, my baby is alot closer to me bcs im with her everyday. i know what my baby wants and now my mil kept judging saying that my baby is "too attached" with me and it will make things harder. i do the chores and manage the house and my LO just fine babe. your child is your strength so just do what you needed to do. sending lots of hugs and love for you mummy! ❤️

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