How to train a 6mo to self sooth to sleep without pacifier or patting? Or is it too early? Is crying it out the only way? Sometimes the cries could escalated to uncontrollable screaming kind of cry....its hard to let such cries also worried as at infant care they dont encourage they only pat her to sleep..according to the teachers she only cry awhile and slept..but this is not the case at home..she cried badly if no pacifier to sleep..but when we are outside..indeed she dont need pacifier to sleep. i wonder why? my baby sleep thru the night since 1mo...means not requiring any milk feed from 9pm to 7am in the morning...but will fuss/cry few seconds and i have to put pacifier or pat for her to go back to sleep..doesnt take much of effort but wondering how can she self soothe to sleep

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Books and guidelines will tell you to be persistent and the habit can be kicked after 3days. You have to slowly cut down on the frequency and then wean off. Another alternatives is to sing to baby and instead of patting, rub baby's back up and down instead. Or change baby's sleeping position and then place your hands one at the shoulder blade and the other at the bump. If baby is sleeping face up, one hand on the top of the head and the other on her chest. I do find crying out method redundant as it may cause more traumas. This method works well in the past but nowadays it doesn't seems to work as our babies are more intelligent. Crying out may worsen the outcome if baby cries for too long. Avoid letting baby cry for too long i.e. 15mins. Distraction does work at times so do give it a try too say baby wants to sleep and you can carry your baby and cuddle her while singing songs to her. Personally I use the distraction methods which works way better than crying out. Crying out makes the situation more frustrating and the baby more irritable. Also when placing my hands on baby, whispering 'it's okay" and humming a soothing tune helps a lot too.

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The best time to do sleep training is from 4 months old onwards. They have developed their circadian rhythm by then and you can teach them the art of self settling then. Sleep training is not just about teaching them independent sleep techniques, it's also about getting them a consistent sleep environment and routine so they know what to expect. When your baby is overtired, they will be sure to cry longer as they can't fall asleep so easily. The best way to get rid of the pacifier is to go cold turkey. Consistency is the key to getting your baby to sleep well again. All the best and sleep well!

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