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Anyone's inlaws keep saying about baby's sleeping habits, and what if go to ifc, they cannot sleep..etc? So annoyed w my inlaw as they keep saying that baby cry and needs to be carried. She is only 6 weeks then, even now at 8 weeks, they are still growing isnt it. Just bcos she cannot put baby to sleep and baby keep crying, she decided to put in the cot and pat -.- baby cries even more?! Had to intervene and carry baby and pat her to sleep. Within 1 min and she slept alr cos tired of cryinggg.. Arghhhs just need to rant!!

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None of my PIL cares about my baby.. But my family members did raised similar concerns what will happen if my baby go IFC as she was a crying baby when born and always asking to be carried.. I personally felt that my this is more to they worried as compared to your PIL.. What I did was I trained my baby not to be carried when she crying for it two weeks before IFC.. And one week before, to let her sleep without anyone pat and carry her to sleep (she was super spoiled by my hubby and confinement lady back then).. 🤭😅 Thanks God that my baby really “passed all my trainings” and didn’t causes any issue when she in IFC and till date she is still e most easy to take care baby now! (of course at home will bully me now, maybe “revenge”? Hahaha) I would say this is not easy, other ppl and my hubby might think I am too heartless and too strict to a baby, they nv know how many times I have been crying behind during this process but look at it now and I will say this is worth! So just tell your PIL, baby is yours let you do what you feel/think is best.. 😊

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