Need to rant

Anyone's inlaws keep saying about baby's sleeping habits, and what if go to ifc, they cannot sleep..etc? So annoyed w my inlaw as they keep saying that baby cry and needs to be carried. She is only 6 weeks then, even now at 8 weeks, they are still growing isnt it. Just bcos she cannot put baby to sleep and baby keep crying, she decided to put in the cot and pat -.- baby cries even more?! Had to intervene and carry baby and pat her to sleep. Within 1 min and she slept alr cos tired of cryinggg.. Arghhhs just need to rant!!

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your in-laws help put ur baby to sleep at times?? mine dun even bother to help despite living together for years, and yet still makes a thousand comments daily... I just wish I had a universal remote control to mute them 😄