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Anyone heard of Qi Ren? Think they are tied to AIA that offers free plans for mummy to be which extends to free first 6 months coverage for baby after he/she is born. Then thereafter we can extend the plan with them? They offer facilities for clients to use that has free classes and talks for both kids and parents kind. Can rent their function rooms to hold your baby first month or birthday parties and they even help u setup decor as per the themes they have. All for free. We recently “signed up” for the free plan. But just wana hear from mummies who have continued the plans with them and got other plans and used their facilities. How is it? Free classes for kids good? Btw their branches to use the facilities are currently in Tampines and Jurong east. Opening one soon in woodlands I think. Jurong east one bigger cos got huge indoor playground for kids to play etc.

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Super Mum

Yes heard before... But its not free. The building and the facilities looks great on the picture the agent showed me.. i did not sign up for the plan though.

4y ago

It’s really free for now (pregnancy stage cover for mummy to be) and after baby is born for 6 months. Thereafter must extend. Thought to ask those who signed up and already enjoying the facilities. I signed up the free one. But no push factor for me to head down alone to enjoy the facilities since baby is not born yet. Wana know more about the classes they offer and if those booked the function room and got them to decorate the room, how was the experience. Hahahaha

Hi! Could you share abit more ? On the free insurance?

4y ago

Oh I’m not the agent. Plus it’s only that my hub’s friend heard abt it and sign up and intro us too. The facility looks not bad but small for tamp one. JE much bigger. They have an app to see stuff and updates too but better to have an agent before u download the app I think. I dunno how to contact u here to let u know the details leh. Plus I also need the agent’s deets from my hub cos I didn’t have it.

Never heard before

yes heard before