FREE Friso Playground Set

Saw this blog post video by Summer Goh on how she used the free playground set from Friso for imaginative play and dress up. . This gave my 3 kids some inspirations and they started talking about how they would turn their playground set into an Animal Safari, where they, the animals (they would use paper plates and rubber bands to make masks of animal faces) would crawl through the tunnel (to be decorated with “leaves” cut from their old T-shirt and “vines” from the yarns, strings and ropes from presents or leftover from crotchet projects) and enter the ball pit (where they find “fruits” and other food) that they would bring into the tent (their “home” where they would chit chat and eat) then to the slide (their “exercise or training ground” where they would play and learn “skills” together) . Any parents here looking forward to own this complete playground set in your own home for ^FREE; to recreate similar imaginative play, dress-up, role-play; and enjoy endless hours of fun, DIY and creativity? You can get your playground set as a gift when you purchase $380 worth of Friso Products*. Delivery of Friso playground set is FREE as well. But do HURRY, HURRY and more HURRY, as the Friso Promo that is currently ongoing, will be ending on 30 April or until supplies last. ^ Terms and conditions apply. While stocks last. *Excludes Frisolac Gold 1 and Frisolac Gold Comfort, T&C apply. For any enquiries, please call Friso Care line directly at 6419 8484.

FREE Friso Playground Set
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