yeast infection

Anyone having yeast infection during pregnancy? I felt uncomfortable at my lower part and it feels burning. Any med to cure?

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I did when i was on my third trimester. it was kinda normal for pregnant women and I was having whitish discharge back then,must ask your gyne for antifunggal medication

I did. Gynae gave me a pill to insert... Can't remember the name though. Its white in color, oval shape.

Me. Had quite a bad infection. Seen gynae, given suppository and probiotic.

Yes please consult your doctor who will prescribe medication if necessary.

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Its quite common for pregnancy. Check with gynae.

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Best to consult your gynaecologist asap...

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Plz see your gynae for antifungal


I had! Went to visit the gynae

It’s best to consult gynae

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Ask gyane for help asap.