Anyone have problem in where to stay for confinement? My parents house only have 2 bedrooms, one for them and I used to stay in the other room. I can use the room for confinement, but I feel it is too small to house 2 adults and 1 baby. And with my father smoking and working shifts, I don't feel very appropriate, as well as I do not wish to bother them with a new born crying at night. In laws house is definitely no as there are no rooms available at all. Hdb rental flat is an option and we are waiting for results. Renting from open market seems an expensive option. Husband say my parents place seems good as I'll be more comfortable, my only concern is that the room is too small.

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Seems like the best option is to stay at your parents house. Ask your father to smoke outside and not in the house.

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Hi... better to stay with your parents as they can help to look after LO and you.

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Parents house will be e best option(:

Parents place is always the best!

I say go with parents place

Parent place!