Dizziness during pregnancy

Anyone also facing the same issue? Im feeling so dizzy and light headed even when in lying down. I feel better when i sit up. But if i lie down even with high pillows, i feel so dizzy/light headed as though im lying head down. Sometimes cause me to be breatheless. Anyone knows why? Anything that can help me so i can rest better?

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Yes when transiting into second trimester, due to More blood supply gg to foetus, it will pass, gynae may prescribe iron pills

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Yes. I experienced it during 1st trimester. Gynae said it's normal. Gynae prescribed a type of medicine for it.

Check ur BP and do inform your gynae. Mine prescribed iron tablets. She said it is normal as well.

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I had that issue when I'm @ 1st tri. I sit up on bed w pillow behind my back and rest

Please check your BP! And make sure your electrolytes are balanced

Ure in ur last trimester right? Check ur bp and with yr gynae