Anyone experienced pubic bone or front pelvic bone pain?

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i had the same problem. but i waited till 38 weeks to induce to be safer in terms of baby lungs maturity

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Yes i do! It's the pressure of the baby engaging downwards and also due to gravity

7y ago

😬 me is going week 36. To induce at week 37 isit too early? Cox my first pregnancy is induced labour, i do hope to get to feel "natural" labour but the pelvic pain is quite horrible.

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Do visit doctor. I think if it’s sharp pain, it’s safer to consult.

yes i did! i think its because baby pressure was downwards.

Yes, it may happen during late pregnancy period.

7y ago

Hi Dr chin, will the pain go away or become worse? how i can ease the pain? Currently in my week 35 pregnancy.

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Yes for mine is front pelvic bone pain

Yes during third trimester

Yes it’s normal