Excruciating pelvic and pubic pain

Hi, currently 29 weeks. This is my first pregnancy and I’m having pain at my right pubic bone (inner thigh area) thats shoots up to the pelvic bone. I can barely walk and need to limp around. Even wearing pants and turning myself over on the bed gets me to tears. Anyone else facing the same type of pain? 😢 its a very sharp pain and I don’t know how to tahan this until my edd in august.

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yes i had the pain too! its so painful till u cant do anything at all..even walking hurts ..anw since ur due date is in aug..pls share do u have the pain when u give birth normal or after u give birth is the pain still there?

If gynae cleared off any red flags, suggest you find a women’s health physiotherapist who can help with pelvic pain during pregnancy. All the best!

Would love to hear inputs from others too as I do experience this too, just not as severe. And am only at my 23rd week for now

You should consult your gynaecologist to find out what’s wrong, given the pain level you’re describing.

3y ago

I did. Gynae only gave me 1 week of HL and told me to get a pregnancy belt. But its still not helping with the pain.