Pubic bone pain

Hi. Anyone experienced pubic bone pain when walking in second trimester? I am only 18 weeks. Am limping when walking. Peeing is ok, no pain.

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in my experiences, pubic bone pain in second trimester usually suggest that your baby is in the lower part of the cervix ,,, I would suggest that magpahilot po sa experienced old wives , or kneel with hands on the floor while the buttocks up in the air.

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I have the same pain since 20wks. now I'm 27wks. just need to bear w the pain. it's getting worst tho. cant even put on my pants while standing. n when sleep cant turn around

I had since 10 weeks and now 18+ weeks. Can't move around much also. Read online this is called SPD. physio could help. but now covid so I avoid external contract as much as possible.

normal lang yan sis, 18 weeks din ako mejo kinabahan ako at first kasi ang sakit talaga mag lakad. and then my ob told me its bec of the ligaments they're expanding.

its normal. had the same pain too. can't even walk at one time. went doc. doc said is normal. is a nerve thing. just be careful and try to do light stretching.

I experience this too. Only that I had shooting pain from buttock down my legs.

yup its normal i guess cause i also have the same issue.But after that it will be fine


yeah me too.. even want to wakeup n walk from sleep in the morning😆😅

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Relatable. I experienced this with both of my pregnancies

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Normal but best to consult your gynaecologist take care!