Anyone experienced implantation bleeding on/around day 21 before? How long did it last and is there any cause for concern? I'm having light bleeding which is bright red but not heavy enough to be period. Am very worried.

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Implantation bleeding can happen up to 10days after unprotected sex but it usually only last a day and spotting kind only. If day 2 still have, not likely it's implantation bleeding. The fact is that there is nothing at all that u can do unless u confirm u are pregnant then can take medicine from Gyne or jabs but u are not officially pregnant yet. Sometimes there can be mid cycle or off timing bleeding due to hormonal changes - us human body can fluctuate quite a bit, stress, foods, all can affect the hormones - when there is not a smooth enough changes in hormones, some bleeding might occur. If it happens for a few times already and not pregnant - do schedule a Gyne check for other stuff

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Sorry but don't seem to me that it's implantation... a little too early ... last mth my period came way earlier than usual too which is quite out of the norm as I'm normally a 28 days cycle.. But of cos I may be wrong, all the best and stay positive :)

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Just monitor. Once your menses date is due, still no heavy discharge, get yourself tested for pregnancy. If pregnant, please go to see a gynae for a medication to stabilize your pregnancy

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I had some implantation bleeding. It was only for a day. But i still try not to do any heavy stuffs or carry heavy stuffs as i do not want to risk of anything. Monitor for a few days..

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5y ago

I'm still having bright red bleeding (only when wiped) on day 2. It started yesterday afternoon until now.. :( Still early to test for pregnancy, worried about the safety if really preggy..

Keep monitering dear. If it persist please go to the doctors.