Breastfeeding but having period?

2 months postpartum and suddenly having heavy bleeding (bright red, quite heavy flow). It’s the third day today. Is that my period? I thought it won’t return so soon if one is exclusively breastfeeding, which I am currently. Bleeding had initially stopped after 44 days of giving birth (natural delivery). Should I be worried?

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It can actually be normal to have your period return while breastfeeding. It’s about the balance of your hormones. It also means that you can get pregnant again, even while breastfeeding. Try to ensure you drink enough fluids and eat nutritious food, and take care of yourself too.

Hi, Mostly period gets delayed if you are breastfeeding but it is completely normal if your period returns during breastfeeding. Just make sure that you eat properly and have lots of fluids

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Do you breastfeed through pumping or direct latch? If you only pump or combine pumping & latching there's higher chances your period will return earlier

it's normal! i had my period 6 weeks pp even though i was breastfeeding exclusively. depends on individual i guess!


everyone body isn't same I do have friends had their menses at 2nd month too. nothing to worry about

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My baby is 10 months old and am breastfeeding him and waiting for my periods anxiously