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Anyone encounter hair loss after pregnancy? Any tips or advise?!! Help!cut my hair super short but still alot of hair drop everywhr..pillows..clothes!

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Oh my god, I'm so sorry! There's no feeling worse than feeling your hair starts falling off as a woman. You definitely need more supplements in your life. I used to dread taking showers all the time. Now I don't mind. This is my story and some of my best advice which I hope is going to be of much help. I'm a woman in her 50's and I didn't give much thought to my sprouting gray hairs and my hair loss in my 30's during my first pregnancy because they were virtually undetectable; however, as my patch turned into a streak, I began to question whether or not I should address them although it was the last thing I wanted to do... Should I color them? Should I stick to natural hairstyles where they'd go unnoticed? I was really on the fence, yet I didn't feel particularly rushed to conceal my grays... I'm glad there are finally solutions out there for doing something about it that actually work! This is a daily hair growth supplement that quite quickly helped me and my bestie to improve our hair and stop our hair loss with a few important but natural ingredients: It wasn't until we found it we were able to make our hair stop falling off as fast although it doesn't stop completely! I finally feel a lot more confident in my hair! Wishing you the best of luck in your journey, sis. Hope my advice was of help to you <3 Debbie

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It's normal. Hair will usually start to drop a lot starting from 2 or 3 month after giving birth. It will gradually reduce. Don't really have to do anything as it is usually a temporary effect.

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Yes. You must use a anti-hair loss shampoo and hair tonic to cleanse the scalp and strengthen your hair.

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It takes time really, shampoos don't really help. For now try and maintain a healthy diet etc..

Hey, You will gradually see improvement as this is hormonal. Try Trichoderm shampoo as well.

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Its a hormone thing. Gg thru it now also. Guess we'll hv to wait for it to pass. 😂

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I am currently experience this as well. Hope it will get better soon!!

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I've tried shampoos and cut my hair but no help. It slowly stopped.

Herbal shampoo n apply hair tonic or serum