Anyone facing Postpartum Hair Loss problem? Any hair shampoo recommended or any ways to prevent hair loss?

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I had a tough time dealing with hair loss after my daughter's birth. My doctor asked me to include more protein in my diet and have more of eggs, fish, sprouts, yoghurt and soaked almonds in the morning. Also try and meditate for 10-15 everyday. The idea is to ease stress and calm yourself. Stress is the biggest contributor to your hair problems. You can also go for half an hour walks in the morning or evenings. Put your baby in the stroller and take him with you. Enjoy the fresh air and try and relax. Hair loss will just disappear :)

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I had postpartum hairfall when my baby turns 3 months old and my hair turns back normal thick and no more hairfall when my baby turns 5 months old I used mane n’ tale shampoo and conditioner i washed my hair every other day as well , and advice don’t use blower or any heat to your hair yet and no stress too

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Yes. Me and most other mummies who gave birth around the same time are having hair loss together. Unfortunately no one has found a solution for it. My hair started growing back after 2 months. I've a fringe that looks like young grass growing upwards now. Haha. Just got to wait it out as it's a hormonal thing.

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yeah me too, been experiencing it for almost a year now. I'm sorry I cannot give you any definite brand of shampoo to use for I too is searching for a good one to help me fight hair fall or hair loss.

I had it as well when my baby was 4 months old. shampoo your hair no more than twice a week, and apply mustard oil regularly. it really helped my hair grow back on bald spots

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It’s normal first year mommy after1 year will getting better

I think it’s normal to have hair loss after childbirth.