Diclectin usage

Anyone here on Diclectin to ease morning sickness? Is it safe? Thanks!

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Im on diclectin 2 tabs every night its a miracle pill i depend on it for my nausea and vomiting! And it does last me throughout my day at work~ now that im in my 2nd tri i reduced it to one tab every night and im still okay.

Yes i took it and currently am week 8. Mine is severe whole day sickness. So i took it 2-3 times a day. If u only had morning sickness then u only take it once in the morning.

Do you ladies feel very drowsy after taking diclectin? I took it for the first time today and slept the whole afternoon and woke up with bad dizziness and headache :(

4y ago

Yes. After taking just feel sleepy and restless.

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Took that and dosent work for me though

4y ago

Oic thanks! Meaning also depends on individuals.