Natural food to help morning sickness

Hi mummies, i’m 18 weeks now but still having pretty bad morning sickness. Was on diclectin for a period of time but had not so great “hungover” effects despite being on the lowest dosage. Wondering if a change in diet or if consuming certain food managed to improve morning sickness for you?

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Super Mum

Hi mama, I’ve found that most mums find starchy food comforting when they have morning sickness - biscuits, bread, noodles, that sort of thing. Some have found that warm lemon water helps too. What about essential oils, have you tried those?

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2y ago

Have been taking lots of ginger tea but my mum warned me about jaundice. I have been taking lots of carbs but the doc asked me to go easy on the carbs and sweets as baby is measuring big. Will give the lemon water a go. Thank you!

Hi mummy! My morning sickness came back at week 26 accompanied with vomiting 😩 I saw somewhere that 100 Plus helps so I tried Now whenever I feel nausea, I’ll sip on gassy 100 plus which helps for me. :)