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Hi mommies, i am currently 19 weeks & 5 days pregnant & i stopped diclectin for a couple days. Still experiencing nausea & vomitting at night. Should i just continue relying on diclectin? There is no side effects or affect my hormones right? I was hoping once i stop diclectin, i no longer have morning sickness. But clearly i still do.

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hope you're feeling much better!! anyways, diclectin is extremely safe for pregnancy & has the vit B6 component that's meant to help suppress the nausea further. everytime I tried stopping and had the vomiting come back, I just went back on it! I was still taking it all the way til' 23/24 weeks :) jiayou!

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all medications have side effects, depends on how your body reacts to it. maybe reduce the frequency of taking it?