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Hi mummies, did any of your gynae prescribe you with Diclectin to help with morning sickness? If yes, how effective are the pills & any side effects?

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I took Diclectin as I had terrible morning sickness all the way past my 2nd trimester. It worked wonders in preventing morning sickness but I felt my body was super reliant on it. I finally went cold turkey at week 26 and had a few days of nausea but my body got used to functioning without it finally! I would highly recommend it to anyone with severe morning sickness as it’s a grade A medication, but you may want to consider weaning it off closer to the end of your second trimester. It’s also pretty ex at about $3 per pill.

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Effective to a certain extent for me. I still vomit even when on diclectin. But I tried a few days without it and the feeling was x3 worse. My side effect was that it made me very tired. Pills are very expensive from private gynaes. I took from KKH and it was /3 the price!

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It was a life saver for me considering the fact that I had MS throughout my pregnancy 🤢 . No side effect but felt like my body became reliant on it , on certain days I tried to tell myself no pill…. But instantly feel nauseous hahaha think it was all in my head

Terrible for me. I felt like my head was being pressed down and I was so moody. I stopped taking it after awhile and continue vomiting before and after my lessons. I would stop teaching halfway and cover my nose or or get out of the classroom to get fresh air.

Very effective for me. Morning sickness till 23weeks is no joke but now I'm feeling way better. I was admitted to hospital because i cant eat and drink. First time being dripped and send home. Second time was admitted straight as i already started confusion.

I was prescribed bcoz of my bad morning sickness. I had it throughout my whole pregnancy cycle and I can tell you it works wonders. Had to bring it along with me wherever I go. The downside of it is that its a lil pricey but totally worth it.

I took Diclectin but it wasn’t 100% effective for me. However it did help to lessen the vomit. I do feel really tired after eating Diclectin but I guess it is better than the constant vomiting

Very effective for me. I took a month’s supply and take it on alternate days or days when I feel MS is coming. No side effects for me.

It helped me a lot. Even though I still vomit on some days, but feel definitely better than without it. It makes me very sleepy though.

for me, there was still some vomiting but less nausea. worth it.