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Tian Wei or Chili padi confinement food is better?

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I took tian wei though i tried yue zi le too. Their cust service seems quite good so far. I wanted to reduce sugar in my food for confinement (I had GD so i wanted to just cont with a lesser sugar route). They called me and told me they will replace my rice/beehoon and desserts to herbal stuff (tis is nightmare, i rather take in some rice and share wif my hb if needed!). But they r quite good in a sense lah. Heard that chilli padi is very flavourful so i didnt even see if they had trial. Take up trials and try!

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I choose chili padi, as their food comes in thermal container and thermal bag. tian Wei ones only come in a thermal bag with disposable container, so the food may turn cold.