Experience with NUH gyane?

Im currently under KKH subsidized and will only manage to see my gynae under private in April 2021. Currently my pregnancy is unstable at 9 weeks. For that reason, im planning to get a private gynae in NUH coz i heard that they are equally good and pro natural. However, Im unsure which gynae to choose. I heard that Dr Chitra is good but she will only be available in June 2021. My EDD is July. And that will be too late. Any recommendations for private gynae? I prefer a female one. Or is NUH subsidized good enough? Anybody who is seeing a gyane in NUH, please share :) thank u.

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I think the most popular gynaes will only be available in the middle of 2021 since many are pregnant this yr and will be giving birth next yr. I'm a subsidized patient in NUH and also have been to KKH. Gave birth before at both hospital and will be giving birth in NUH again. I honestly think the waiting time in NUH is shorter since it's just a small clinic (60 mins at least because of Covid and they'll send you an SMS informing you if your Q no. is next). And the gynaes are also helpful and patient. My gynaes so far are all females. But if you still want to go for a private gynae then you can check out other popular ones in NUH.

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Highly recommend Dr Vanaja☺️ just gave birth on March and Dr Vanaja has been my gynae from the beginning. During my pregnancy there was a few scares and she is quick to identify them and schedule checks for me and baby after explaining. (Thank God everything is fine) I like how she will prefer to play safe and really make sure everything is ok, make me feel less worry and paranoid. Very nice lady, experience in her field too. I will go back to her if I’m pregnant again. 😁

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3mo ago

Yes Dr Vanaja is great. Just gave birth in Feb too. :)

I go for subsidised at NUH too, agreed with what it’s said, the gynae there are all really professional and waiting time is alright for me, because u can go for a small ‘coffee’ break or something and they will inform u to come in via sms although it’s Super diff as I was on private at TMC previously. So far for me, all my gynae for my checkups at NUH are female. So if u ask me subsidised are good enough.

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I had an Indian male gynae at nuh subsidized before, others were female of various races (not being racist, just saying cos this might be a consideration to some). subsidized clinic is ok, the waiting time isn't very long. I have since transferred to nuh private, the visits seem more rushed but my gynae gives more advice and is more cautious, which I feel is good for ftm. so depends what u want actually.

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1y ago

Worth it?

I didnt personally c anyone at nuh but i had initially made an apptment wif biswas which i didnt go in the end. I was recommended su lin lin as well but she is quite popular i heard

I'm seeing Dr su ling ling under NUH private... She is nice..

Just do not go to arundhati at nuh private. Very insensitive person

1y ago

Care to share?