Anybody has this issue where ur LO prefers your husband over you, for everything including both in times of play and comfort? My LO is 9 months, will look for her dad actively and wants her dad to carry, and will quieten down when crying once her dad carries her but pushes me away and cries though I try to play with her and spend more time with her. Feeling sad about this:(

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Me! My girl was like this at ard age too and I was feeling so sad abt it. It was as if I'm the stepmother. But I read somewhere, don't let this defeat us or turn away from LO as it will only damage the r/s further. Continue to give her hugs and tickles, as it produces endorphins and will make her feel happy when she's with you. And u know what? My LO became sticky to me overnight! Now at 17 months, she seems to love both dad and mum equally. I guess babies will change as they start to learn abt human r/s. So hang on there mummy!

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5y ago

Thanks for ur reply mummy! This gives me much encouragement and reassurance that I'm not the only one facing this:)

Yes. My Son. I feel that is good to see both Son & Husband bond so well. I feel contented actually. I Wun feel jealous as the connection between a mum & child will always be there naturally. After all my Son will still hug me to sleep at night coz he knew who is the one that can give him security n keep him safe in arms.

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My gal looks for her daddy only... He is who she calls for when she wakes up and even sings to her own tune with the words 'daddy, daddy' For me, im very happy to see my hub and her become so close.. Of cos at times i do feel sad that she ignores me Im sure things will improve as she grows up!

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si baby girl ko naman, walang ibang gustong lapitan kundi ako lang😒 kahit kay daddy pahirapan. napakaclingy ni baby sa akin kaya di ako ganu nakakakain ng maayos, nakakacr o kahit anong gawin kasi nga gusto niya lagi lang nakayakap, karga at dede😂 she is 9months din😊

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My boy also same he is more attached to his dad, he wait for his dad make him sleep , as same like ur kid . Not allowing me for anything . It’s common for kids I guess as I am also same more attached to my dad when I was small than mom 😋

Usually, moms have to take up the responsibility of looking after kids. I believe kids get attached to moms sooner or later. Even if it comes a little late, enjoy the moment and get some me time when daddy is taking care of the baby.

I think just spend more time with her Or even with the 3 of u together Try to make up something that’s just for the 2 of u Ie bedtime stories is daddy and maybe bedtime songs is mummy Or something like that to grow the bond

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My lo (9 month old) likes her dad only during playtime and will actively look for me when it's time for her to sleep. My husband can rarely put her to sleep.

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My daughter used to be like that too, especially since he’s the SAHD and I’m the working mum. But now, gosh she’s so clingy to me 😅😅 She’s 3+yo now. So don’t worry. Haha.

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Hahha .yes eventho i spent more time w my lo but its just that he like to carry my lo longer than me .i buey tahan,bz with pumping haha. Babies are smart... lol haha.