Any of u delivered at TMC before? Any gynae to recommend? Upon checkout at the hosp, do u need to make payment or they will bill u? My firstborn was at KKH private patient but now i decided to go for private hosp.

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I delivered at TMC with dr claudine tan. She is really a very nice gynae who help throughout my pregnancy. Bubbly and friendly to chat with and her stitching skill was good my scar are really nice and second day after csec i can walk around and within a week my scar is perfect without pain and binder. Upon check out got to made full payment by cash , card or cpf .. So its better to standby more money beforehand. But i would really say TMC is really good and i m really happy to deliver my baby over there. And my whole family was delivered there too and it still very good

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I delivered at TMC under Dr Adrian Woodworth. He has a clinic at sengkang and cck (if I remember correctly). Though he's a man of few words, I felt comfortable under him. Before my labour, he came by to check on my dilation and gave me a pretty good estimation on the time of my labour. Stitching skills not bad too as I do not feel any pain from the stitches the next day. Upon admission, an initial deposit is required and the amount is dependent on your choice of ward. The final bill will be settled on the spot upon discharge. You can also clarify any billing issues on the spot.

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Dr wee horng yen is also a good patient Doctor. He is able to deliver at any private hospital. He was from kk.

I delivered at TMC with Dr Adelina Wong. I like her for her professionalism and no nagging. Her stitching skills according to online reviews are very good, but luckily I didn't need them. When you enter the labour ward TMC will advise you on the charges estimated and also require a deposit of $3500. Upon discharge they require the full payment to be made after deduction of medisave.

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For TMC, Dr. Benjamin Tham is very popular. For the bill I am not sure about pte hospital, you can call up the TMC hospital to check out. I suggest you to arrange a hospital tour too and the package will be explained in detailed.