Private Patient At KKH

May I knw for kkh private Patient when u go for each appt, does the doctor's room itself equipped with ultrasound machine? Or u would still have to go to antenal monitoring clinic for separate scan then go to see doctor at another room?

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Super Mum

The doctors room has a machine but the quality is not good. It is enough to check the size and heartbeat of your baby. You will also go to the Antenatal Monitoring Centre (AMC) twice - once around weeks 10 to 12 for First Trimester Screening and second one around week 20 for Detailed Scan. AMC scan is much clearer.

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My scan was done at AMC & ADC during first & second trimester (monthly appt). However 32 weeks onwards, my scan was done inside my gynae's room-scan wasn't so clear.