Any cloth diaper users here? I'm thinking of switching to them ... how do I make sure that the inserts are sanitary though? Any washing tips?

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Write a reply How To Wash Cloth Diapers The best way to wash cloth diapers is to scrape any “solids off” (that was delicately put wasn’t it) and stick them in a bucket until you’re ready to wash. NOTE: You don’t need to put any soaking solution in the bucket, just the diapers. This is called “Dry Pailing” Wash your diapers on a Cold wash, with an enzyme free detergent. Hang out to dry in the sunshine. (Sunshine gets rid of the toughest of poo stains!) If you don’t have sunshine, the clothes dryer can be used to dry your diapers. Be aware though, using a clothes dryer constantly can shorten the life of the diapers. If your diapers get crunchy in the sun, give them a quick spin in the clothes dryer, or spritz them with a little water before putting away. If your diaper bucket starts to smell, sprinkle some bi-carb soda in the bottom. You can also add a few drops of teatree oil, or mandarin oil, or a combination of both. For diapers that don’t have PUL in them, you can pop some Vinegar in the rinse cycle of your machine. This will help remove any urine smells. Don’t use vinegar with PUL diapers, as it decomposes it.

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I'm using Moo Moo Kow! :D The inserts are meant to be stuffed into the diaper. There are also certain diapers known as the all in one, which do not require inserts. I just rinse off as much poop as possible, soak it in a pail, then wash like normal.

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I soak them in a little Dettol first before washing. Or you could try using vinegar or apple cider.