Hi girls. I'm new cloth diapering mom. any suggestions on how I can make sure that my cds will last as white as it is when I bought it? One of my cloth diapers has a stain that I cant remove even when I hand washed and machine washed it already.

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Wow! Good to know your into cloth diapering also. At first I thought cloth diapering is difficult and impossible for us, but I'm proud to say we're already on our 1st year of exclusively cloth diapering. Here are my tips on how your cloth diapers (especially inserts) can still be white (though not as white as new, it's normal for clothes to show signs of usage): 1. Always pre-rinse or pre-wash your cloth diapers. This does not necessarily mean rinsing or washing it immediately after use (we have other chores to attend to), you can put all soiled nappies in a bin and rinse or wash it at the end of the day. I do suggest though to wash it immediately when it has poops, to prevent the smell on sticking on the cloth diapers. 2. Hang it under the Sun but not too long especially those with PUL. Too much exposure may damage the PUL, but the Sun do the magic trick in removing stubborn stains. 3. I used to soak our cloth diapers with baking soda but after some time I stopped using it as I noticed there's not much difference with or without baking soda. Some moms have great experience with baking soda though in making their cloth diapers white so I include this on my tips. You may also try and see for yourself. 4. I will just add this, this is not to make cloth diapers white but to prevent your diapers from getting stinky. I use vinegar with the last rinse, 1 cup (cup of zonrox) is enough for a large basin. I'll add more depending on the numbers of our cloth diapers. When your cloth diapers are dry, it smell fresh, no trace of pee or poop smell. Hope these help you in your cloth diapering journey! Enjoy.

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Hi! I'm glad that you decided to use cloth for your little one. While it is expected that they won't be as white as new ones since continued use will take a toll on their appearance in the long run, there are some tricks you can try to prolong their pristine whiteness. The most effective way for keeping inners white and for removing stubborn stains is by letting them soak up Mr. Sun's rays. I found that poop stains that I can't remove with soap and water magically disappear after getting some sun. Another trick you can try is by using Perla (the blue-colored bar), by rubbing a small amount on the discolored part, leaving it out in the sun for a while, and then washing it as usual. Just make sure you don't leave them out for too long as this can damage the PUL and elastics. I personally don't use baking soda because I read a fellow mom's post that it can eventually cause repelling issues. Better safe than sorry, in my case. I really hope these tricks can help with your problem. Also, fleece will usually not stay white as time passes. This is normal because of its material. Suede usually stays whiter than fleece inners. Happy cloth diapering!

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Hi mommy! What brand of cloth diapers do you have? Based on my experience, if you have Babyland cloth diapers which has microfleece lining on it, that type of fabric is prone to becoming yellowish in the long run. On the other hand, if you have Alva and the like, which has suede lining on it, those are the ones that maintains white lining even after several months of use. Stains are best removed when you put them in direct sunlight. It's like a magic that after 2-3 hours, they disappear. If not, then that could be a tough stain that can be removed after several washes.

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Happy cloth diapeering mommy! whenever my baby poops on his cloth diaper, I immediately pre wash it with water (sometimes I put a small amount of powder detergent diluted in water) and then have it hanged in a dry pail- that is if you are doing your CD laundry every other day. By doing that, the stain won't stay in your nappy. Another tip is have it washed by doing your usual wash routine, but add a little amount of Oxyclean (you can buy it in S&R or via online) and hang it directly under the sun. Hope this can help you. :)

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I've been using cloth diapers for my baby for more than a year now. I have tried different methods and techniques on how to remove stains and stinky smells on cloth diapers. But the best one for me is letting the diapers dry in the sun. Yes, Mr. Sun really does magic. As it is a great way to combat diaper smells. It is also a natural disinfectant, stain remover and whitener. I also add some vinegar on the water for rinsing to also remove the stinky smell and make the diapers feels fluffy and almost new.

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I would worry less about getting the cd as white as possible but would worry more on how to keep it hygienic. You can try vinegar soak or baking powder and even tea tree oil. Just don't use laundry detergent as it will not be good for the ld. Also, maybe you can boil them once a week.

Hi mommy! Mr. Sunshine does a lot of magic for hard to remove stains. You can also try to add baking soda or vinegar to your washing system. I use baking soda using 1:1 ratio with the detergent once a month, this works for plus of course sunshine or kula in Tagalog.

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Thanks.Will definitely try baking soda

It actually depends on the type of cloth diaper you are using. Our Alva's are still as white as the day we bought them but our babyland CDs inner have turned yellow no matter how much I use vinegar and baking soda with lots of sun nothing works

Hi! I suggest that you trust the power of mr. Sun! It does magic. Let it dry and expose it to sunlight and voila! No more poop stains and you can keep your cd's looking brandnew.

Baking soda for me. Cheap and good. I soak it in baking soda a few hours. Then dump in washing machine and wash.