Switching to FM - how to decide?

Hi, wondering if there are any mummies who decided to switch from breast milk to formula milk even though circumstances still allow you to continue with breastfeeding. How did you make a decision?

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I was fully feeding my baby with breastmilk (EP) but started mix feed when she was 1 month as I wanted to drop my pumps. I was not getting enough sleep as I needed to pump every 3 hours due to oversupply and very bad engorgement. I am currently feeding her formula with once a day breastmilk (I pump once daily now) and will fully transit to FM once my breastmilk stops. Baby is 7 weeks. Although I am an oversupply mum, I decided to stop my breastmilk as it was too painful everyday due to engorgement and I did not get enough sleep (only 1 to 2 hours daily). I get to spend more time with my baby now after dropping my pumps, and I can also carry my baby against my chest (could not do it before because of the pain), so I do not regret my decision. Remember that mummy's health (whether physical/mental/emotional) is important too! If you are not well, who is going to take care of baby? Don't worry as baby will grow up well even with formula milk 😊

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I started out with mixed feeding since day 1 due to Low supply. Once my supply comes in I still continue with mix feeding, but baby will have formula milk at night so to let her sleep longer, and have breastmilk during the day. But I’m planning to stop breastfeeding (I’m an exclusive pumping mom) when she turns 1 month old because of lack of sleep and couldn’t spend more time with baby.

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I switched to FM few weeks after my baby was born. My supply very very Low no matter how much I pump. I managed to try to give my baby whatever bm I can pump for 1 mth. Then i gave up, it is too stressful pumping n with Low supply you will be feeling extremely down. So far my baby has been putting weight and drinking well with fm.

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i decided to drop pumping (i used to pump 3 times during work hours) when my LO was 14mo so we replaced her day feeds with either formula mill or fresh milk, sometimes goat's milk. she still latches in the evening and on weekends though, 17mo now. planning to let her self-wean.

I started mixed feeds right at the beginning due to Low supply. And I’m planning to stop bf altogether when she turn 1yo. Too tiring and normal food / milk can provide enough nutrients already