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Currently using moo moo cow cloth diapers for my two weeks old new born baby boy. The poo stains are hard to remove even thru scrubbing after changing out immediately and washing in washing machine thereafter. Any parents using this? What is your method of removing the stains ? Is it advisable that I use this only when he age older?

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Do you use diaper inserts along with the diapers? I prefer laying the insert over the diaper rather than slotting it into the pocket. So far I find that these kind of inserts are the easiest for washing off poo stains: For extra insurance, Tollyjoy's flushable liners are one of the thicker ones I have come across.

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3y ago

Wow that's quite a few layers! I usually just wash off the solids of the soiled inserts using a toilet spray, soak them overnight in water with Vanish, then throw them into the washing machine. The tougher stains normally come off quite easily with a bit of scrubbing too.

Did you put the diaper liner over? I was considering to get this or the traditional fold triangles from tollyjoy. My friend said the liner from tollyjoy is better, reusable after washing too.

3y ago

I did put liner over the diaper , plus their bamboo fiber liner on TOP of the insert! But the stains are so hard to remove!